Get Wise to Smart Homes

“Smart Home” technology is gaining a place on the list of standard go-to devices that American homeowners want to support their lifestyle.┬áIn fact, technology research firm Gartner recently forecast that an average American home could include about 500 smart devices as soon as 2022. In its latest “State of the Smart Home” report, Icontrol Networks said that 90% of consumers it surveyed said security was one of the key reasons for purchasing a smart home system. Fifty percent of respondents said they planned to buy at least one smart home product in the coming year.

From Icontrol survey, here are the products that consumers said they are most likely to buy:

  • 72% – Self-adjusting thermostat
  • 71% – Doors that can be locked from a remote location
  • 68% – A master remote control for all household preferences
  • 65% – Automatic, adjustable outdoor lighting
  • 6% – Home monitoring cameras

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